Sirmoor Hill Farm Bed and Breakfast, is located three miles inland from the coastal town of Punta Gorda in the Toledo (southern) district of Belize. The B&B is operated out of our home which sits on 775 acres surrounded by small mountains or large hills depending on your perspective, pastures, low bush forests, high older growth forests, and small ravines and creeks of all sizes. house_hill.jpg

This environment is home not only to our cattle and horses, but a wide variety of wildlife. Deer, peccaries, agoutis, gibnut and the occasional jaguar have been seen here on the farm as well as the tracks of the Baird's tapir which is the national animal of Belize. An abundance of bird species always attracts the birders and twitchers which come for a day of observation for the annual Christmas bird count. Being an entomology major while in college, I've always enjoyed the varied insect species available here on Sirmoor Hill Farm. The blue morpho butterfly, a brilliant iridescent royal blue color, is a frequent visitor.

Sirmoor Hill Farm, as well as other parts of the Toledo district, has a rich history. During the mid 1800's American confederates arrived in Belize. In 1901 a young Portuguese man named Joe Gomez came to Belize and started buying parcels of land from the then departing Confederates. Eventually amassing 2100 acres for timber, cattle, and sugar cane for his rum factory, the Gomez loading_kayaks.jpgfamily was one of the most prominent and successful families in the area. Richard and I were fortunate to purchase part of the Gomez estate, renovate the original colonial farm house, and to start bringing the farm into production again with cattle and horses and planted mahogany and teak.

Sirmoor Hill Farm B&B is a colonial era farmhouse approximately 100 years old. Our home sits in the middle of 4 acres of lawns, flower gardens, vegetable garden and tropical fruit orchard. Typical of the era and tropical style, the living quarters sit high above ground level which allows considerable airflow not only beneath the house, but also catches the sea breezes coming thru the passes of the eastern hills behind our home.

The main part of the house, with it's front and back screened porches, contain the living room, kitchen, and the two guest bedrooms with their shared bath, all having plenty of windows and 12 foot ceilings with high venting. There are ceiling fans in all rooms. Our home is furnished with American and European antiques as well as overstuffed chairs and a comfortable sofa for curling up and reading or relaxing.pool_night.jpg

Speaking of relaxing, down the steps into our back yard and overlooking the horse pasture is our pool, patio and pavilion finished in August '08. The infinity edge pool is surrounded on three sides by a stone surfaced patio. The pool is not open to the public, but for the enjoyment of our guests, meaning you. The wide steps into the pool, sized especially for sitting and soaking, as well as the surrounding chairs are great places to start, spend or finish off your day during your Belize adventure. The poolside pavilion is also a relaxing place to enjoy the shade or those occasional daytime tropical showers. (Just a note of reference: while southern Belize does get a good amount of rain during the rainy season, ninety per cent of that rain comes at night.)